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Sterling Silver Infinity Dainty Necklace Review


I received this adorable necklace for free to review.  It is sterling silver, 16 inches, and very dainty.  I am going to give it to my daughter for Christmas.

I love the necklace.  It has little accents in the middle so it sparkles more.  You can pick one up here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E5EOF7K  Below is a video to get a better look.

How I Get Free Stuff to Review

Influenster Voxbox

Of all the things I call my hobbies, my favorite one is reviewing products.  I am not sure how I started doing this, but I do know I signed up for Smiley360 and BzzAgent first.  These are both awesome, and I kind of messed up around Thanksgiving by not doing a review I REALLY wanted to do, and now I am not getting Smiley products.  Do not do that.

There are never endless streams of products to review.  You get sent surveys for these two, and you fill them out, they match you to a campaign.  Be very honest.  Then, when you get your product and review it, be honest with that, too.

Sometimes, the reviews have to be on the page for the product.  Sometimes you just post on social media.  It is pressure free, you always get plenty of time, and the product is always free. Some of the main rules with these two are fill out your profile and keep active.  All of this is super easy.

Another Voxbox

There are also sites that do a party type of situation.  You invite people over to review products.  The only one I used was House Party.  That one was not my style, but you can get a whole party going for free on this one.  They have what they call Chatterboxes, which I have done, that are independently.

Smiley 360 box

Of all of the sites that do only free products to review, my personal favorite is Influenster. Influensteuses your social media pull to give you products to review, and they send out what they call a Voxbox.  These are amazing.  They may be full of products, food, whatever there is for you to sample for this particular box.  If I could only do one more site, this would be it.  The key to this one is also staying active.

BzzAgent Box

I have found all of these to be the only ones I have ever gotten any products to review through, and I think I am pretty much signed up with all of them.  I got one offer from Swaggable for a review, but the product has not been sent, and I have no more information on that one.  I would not hold my breath on this one.  They offer thousands of products, and I signed up for most of them, yet they have not sent even the one they said they would.

BzzAgent product

The thing to remember is these products are free.  Do not pay for any of them, unless they are giving you a coupon and you actually want to cover the rest of the cost.  Do not send that money to anyone, use the coupon at the retailer.  Remember the product is for your review.  That is why you have received it.  Be honest.  Do not say something is wonderful if it is not, do not say it is horrible if it is wonderful.  Keep an open mind.  Try new things.  All of these can help you get more campaigns.  Good luck to you, and have fun.