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My Oil Pulling Journey

2016-04-18 14.42.33

Oil pulling is an ancient teeth cleaning technique that is said to have many health benefits.  Basically, what you do is swish oil around your mouth for up to 20 minutes a day to remove bacteria and clean your mouth.  A few of the types of oils you can use are sesame, sunflower, coconut, and olive.

Oil pulling is said to kill bad breath and rid the mouth of single celled microorganisms that lead to tooth decay.  It is also supposed to help with headaches, inflammation, teeth whitening, and the claims go on and on.

I started out oil pulling with coconut oil about 22 days ago.  At first, the texture is hard to get past.  The oil is solid, it has a strange feel to it.  I also have an issue not swallowing it because it seems like food in my mouth.  Just remember, all the bacteria you are ridding yourself of is in that oil, in your mouth.  Do not swallow it.

I started out actually at 30 seconds, swishing and pulling it through my teeth, and I added 30 more every day.  I really did not see a huge difference, nor even a small one, until I was up to about 7 minutes.  Then, I noticed my teeth felt much cleaner after I did it, and I felt that way until I ate again.

Somewhere in this, I ran out of coconut oil.  I did not go out and buy expensive oils.  I just went to Aldi and got what they had.  When I ran out, I remembered I had some olive oil on my cabinet, and I tried that.  The taste was horrible.  If you ever have had hemp seed oil, it is a lot like that.  At first, I gagged, and I had to force myself to continue swishing.  At times, it feels as if the oil is solidifying and growing inside your mouth.  Immediately after, I felt like my teeth had actually been cleaned.  My entire mouth felt completely different.

So, 22 days of oil pulling and slowly getting up to 11 minutes, I would recommend this to anyone who is considering doing this.  Just work up to the 20 minutes, any way you see yourself sticking with it.  The taste and textures are things you can work around.  For me, it had to be super slowly.  I can pretty much guarantee you will not regret doing it.