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Sterling Silver Infinity Dainty Necklace Review


I received this adorable necklace for free to review.  It is sterling silver, 16 inches, and very dainty.  I am going to give it to my daughter for Christmas.

I love the necklace.  It has little accents in the middle so it sparkles more.  You can pick one up here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E5EOF7K  Below is a video to get a better look.

The Two Sites That Put Money on My Amazon Account

Lately, I have been buying the kids a few shirts basically for free on Amazon.  How have I been doing that?  Fairly easily.  I am always looking for a place that gives out samples for review, and that is how I ran across Crowdtap.  Crowdtap is a little different from the other sample pages I have found in a whole lot of ways.  The first way is you do things to earn rewards.  These things are as simple as taking a selfie or letting a product put a sponsored ad on your social media.  For each of these tasks, you get points.  For every thousand points, you get a $5 Amazon gift card.

I guess a concern would be for someone busier than I am, but I think anyone can do this in their spare time.  You just click and answer polls and questions about products.  It is kind of like a survey site with samples they occasionally send out.  I qualified for two of those, I am waiting now.

The most important thing to remember is when you get that notice that you got 1000 points is to go to your email right then to get the codes for your gift card.  I accidentally deleted mine twice then had to dig.

The second one that gives me money is MySurvey.  This one has a quick payout.  It takes 1100 pointsfor an Amazon card, and I think 1000 for paypal, but you can get those super quickly.  All kinds of cards are available, and charitable donation sites.  The surveys are about absolutely any and everything.  My favorite one I had to sign a confidentiality agreement on, but when this product I was sent hits the shelves, I will be the first to say how awesome it is.  Until then, just know you might get to try a protocol for a company, and that is pretty cool in itself.  They paid me for that, too.

I really haven’t tried much else besides putting SwagBucks on my computer.  That is a really bad idea.  It is super slow and in the month I have had it I have around 385 points.  I do not want to take their surveys or watch their videos.  None of what they offer interests me.

If you have any sites for reviews or paying surveys, let me know I am always looking.  These do not pay much, but they do pay.  It is just like free money, when you think about it.