Instant Peel- The Best Beauty Product I Have Tested


Instant Peel is definitely one of my favorite products I have reviewed.  It comes in a box of 6

packs.  I found that there is too much in one packet to use on one application.  Instantpeel

claims to be a natural exfoliant.  As you use it, dead skin just peels off, and healthy skin is

unharmed. It leaves the skin super smooth and very soft.  How I did it was I used a warm, damp

washcloth on my face, then I applied the Instapeel.  I used a circular motion to remove the dead

skin cells from my face, then I rinsed.  My skin was so smooth, I do not recall it ever feeling that

smooth before.  This is by far the best beauty product I have tested, and I have tested many.  I

got this for free to review, and I give it a 10/10.

Instantpeel retails for $50 dollars, and you can purchase yours here.   I did a demonstration on

how it works: