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Silk Sleep Mask

I got this silk sleep mask free to review. It is very nice, it is soft, they have so many neat products everyone should check out if you like silk. I give it a 7/10 because the issue I found is it is tight around the eyes even if you loosen it. But, it is nice and soft, like I said. You can buy one here:

Instant Peel- The Best Beauty Product I Have Tested


Instant Peel is definitely one of my favorite products I have reviewed.  It comes in a box of 6

packs.  I found that there is too much in one packet to use on one application.  Instantpeel

claims to be a natural exfoliant.  As you use it, dead skin just peels off, and healthy skin is

unharmed. It leaves the skin super smooth and very soft.  How I did it was I used a warm, damp

washcloth on my face, then I applied the Instapeel.  I used a circular motion to remove the dead

skin cells from my face, then I rinsed.  My skin was so smooth, I do not recall it ever feeling that

smooth before.  This is by far the best beauty product I have tested, and I have tested many.  I

got this for free to review, and I give it a 10/10.

Instantpeel retails for $50 dollars, and you can purchase yours here.   I did a demonstration on

how it works:

Cardboard Cat Scratcher

I received the Catboard Cat Scratcher for free to review.

Included in the package was a hanging scratching board, one for the floor, a fishing toy, and catnip.

The cat loved all of them.  We got the review for you on video.

You can purchase your own here.

Summer Casual Cotton Tshirt Printed Pocket Cat Top For Women

I always like getting fun products to review.  This shirt is just a plain black pocket tee

with a cat in the pocket.  If you pull the pocket down, the cat flips you off.  The shirt is

comfortable and soft.  The issue is they run really small.  I ordered a large.  It fits like

a small.  Aside from that, and it does take a while to get it in the mail from them, I

love it.

The price of the shirt is 12.99 with free shipping here.  I also did a short video review.

I give the shirt an 8/10, it is just a little snug.