Mushroom Immune Support Supplement – Activa Naturals


I received this product free to review, and I have been using it about 3 weeks.  At first, I did not

actually believe any kind of mushroom pill could help me with my flares and the headaches I

have, but this honestly has helped me more than any other product I have tried.  My headaches

have gone from over a week at a time to 3 days, and I just feel better overall.

After feeling so much better, I decided to look the ingredients up and see how they help.

  • Shitake mushroom High in B vitamins, aids in weight loss, supports immune system
  • Maitake mushroom Cancer fighting, boosts immune system, lowers blood sugar, promotes weight loss
  • Reishi mushroom aids to stop tumor growth, balances blood pressure, fights allergies, improves liver function, fights asthma
  • Cordyceps mushroom anti-aging, fights respiratory infections, boosts immune function, fights diabetes, improves liver function
  • Lion’s Maine mushroom helps ease depression and anxiety, cognitive boosts as well as enhancement
  • Turkey Tail mushroom helps treat HPV, treats flu and colds, aids with digestion
  • Chaga mushroom contains around 215 phytonutrients and glyconutrients, benefit nervous system, boosts immune system, helps the GI tract, good for the endocrine system, makes a healthier cardiovascular system

I have been taking all kinds of vitamins and supplements for years trying to get a little relief.  I

am so glad I found some.  You can purchase these for yourself here.  I also did a video review.

I give this product a 10/10.