Indigo 2 Ash Flange Pillow in London Linen, Set of 2

Indigo 2 Ash is a really cool store that has all kinds of accents from chairs and sofas to pillows.

I was very excited when they sent me two flange pillows in London linen in exchange for a

review.   I got the lime green ones, and I love them.  

The pillows coordinate with their drapery and upholstry as well.  The feather insert is 100%

duck feathers, and it is soft but sturdy.  The covers can be bought separately.  There are

swatches available to check colors.  The zippers are hidden in these 22″ x 22″ square pillows

with 1″ flange borders.  The fabric can be dry cleaned and is 65% polyester, 35% cotton.  Here

are some examples of other pillows they have that I thought were really pretty patterns and


You can pick up some of the pillows like mine from this link.  I also did an unboxing video.


I love the color, the feel, and the simplicity of the pillows.  I definitely think they are a 9/10, great

quality, awesome look.  I would definitely buy these and other products from Indigo 2 Ash for

myself, or as a house warming gift.