Chrome Black Bluetooth Speaker

I received this super cute bluetooth speaker for free to review.  It is a new and upgraded version

of the older one, with a luxury, high end look.  It has an electroplated finish for a chrome

appearance,   The back side has a rubber finish.  It has a high end driver with an aluminum

speaker cone.  Music and light are combined in this little speaker.  The speakers get up to 6

hours of play for just music, 3-4 with the LED light on.  Palm sized, you can take this anywhere.

There is also a stand on the back, so the speaker can sit up.  This bluetooth speaker can also be

used as a hands free speaker phone, support aux-input, TF card, and FM radio.  It has a

recording function and voice prompt  with 4 light effect modes.

I found the speaker to have a pretty good sound to it.  After I figured it out, it was actually easier

to use than other ones I have reviewed.  The speaker did not get very loud, but the quality was

pretty good.  It was not the best one I have reviewed as far as sound quality.  It is the best

looking one, and the most practical one for use basically anywhere.  The product can be

purchased here.

If you are just looking for a cute, easy to use bluetooth speaker with quality sound, it is just that.

On a scale of 1-10 it is definitely an 8.  The speaker comes also in pink, which I would consider

buying for Lizzy.

I did a little unboxing video to kind of show the speakers a little better.