Headache Hat and Ice Halo

In my journey with cluster headaches, I have become pretty much defeated, lately. I can find no relief. I was excited to receive the headache hat and ice halo for free to review, so I waited until I got a headache, and I reviewed them.

When I get a cluster headache, I can be one of those people who bangs my head on something hard. I can also just be one who looks for something cold. This is why the headache hat provided a bit of relief for me.

The headache hat has 3 rows of these plastic ice cubes filled with sterile water, and you can adjust them around the head. I put the bottom row across my eyes and I did feel a bit of relief. The halo irritated me because of the pain of the cluster headache. I would say those would be amazing for any migraines, though.
You can purchase yours here.
I also did a video while I was in pain. Here it is.
One of the issues I have had with other headache devices are strong odors, which can actually be mild, and seem strong with a migraine, and ones that melt too quickly or all over me. This does not melt into a cold spot on your bed, if you can actually lie down during your headache.
I sometimes get migraine headaches still. They are not nearly as bad as the clusters, and I do get very nauseated with those. I am pretty sure that I can use the halo for those, the pain is so much milder, and they are sometimes easily relieved.
All in all, these are great products. I thank the company for the opportunity to try and use them.