Brusybrush Extra Long Handle Bath Brush – Beech Wood Handle and Natural Boar Bristle Head

Occasionally, things just happen when you are reviewing products that are beyond your control. When I received my original long handle bath brush, I was out of town.  The post office left it and other packages outside my door while I was away and they were stolen.  This includes the long handle bath brush, and I am a sane person, so I would never buy one for $51 dollars.  When the company told me that they would give me more time to finish the review if I purchased my own, I reluctantly picked up the $18 dollar one I should have gotten for $5 at Wal-Mart.  That is my honest review.  It is overpriced and it has a bad odor when it gets in water.   My kids will not even use it. Get one here

The pic of the brush is beside a regular sized hairbrush.