Bouchard Belgian Chocolates

Bouchard Chocolates sent me this chocolate for free to review.  I am not the biggest chocolate fan, but this is a good one.  It is very dark tasting.  There is a bitterness to the flavor.  Not creamy, the bar is a little hard.  Bouchard gives their background as such:

Bouchard is a premium chocolate factory located in Ghent, Belgium. We have been passionate about creating quality chocolate since 1931. We use only high quality ingredients to bring you the rich flavor associated with premium dark chocolate. When dark chocolate is made well it doesn’t leave your mouth with a bitter aftertaste. Because our Napolitains are made with 72% cacao they are healthy alternative to milk or white chocolate. We want you to have the chance to try our mouthwatering Napolitains before they hit shelve!

I probably would not go out of my way to eat this chocolate, or even buy it, but it is great for people who do like dark chocolate.
You can get yours here:
Here is a video of me trying it:

My kids had also eaten some of the product.  They did not much care for the bitterness.