Genevieve Avani Lifestyles Bamboo Cups

Genevieve Avani Lifestyles

Bamboo Cups

My family is really loving pastel colors lately.  We have basically redone all of my furniture in pastel colors and moved to pastel shower curtains and bathmats.  I think it really has such a calming effect, and the colors just seem happy.  So, I was super excited when I was asked to review these little pastel colored bamboo cups.  Made by Genevieve Avani Lifestyles in Paris, the cups sell for 29.99 for all 6.

My tin buckets behind the cups are not included, but the six cups are made with colorful bamboo fibers.  Environmentally friendly and are biodegradable, Sabina Elisabeth created the artistic designs.  Good for hot or cold drinks, these cups are not microwavable.  I am thinking of using one in the bathroom as a toothbrush holder and one as a rinse cup because they are so cute.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is great.  I received these for a discount to review them. They are lovely, and I rarely do reviews I pay to do.  As you can see, the blue cups and pink cups are not the exact same color, although they are similar.

Purchase your own cups here.