Eye Metixs Eye Wakening Serum by Palm Beach Pure

Eye Metixs Eye Awakening Serum Review

I received this product for free for testing purposes only.

I could not find anything I did not like about this cream. It is a little thick, so really go easy with it. It has an immediate soothing effect on my eyes. Lately, I suffer from a lot of insomnia, and it is catching up with me. This did help me feel better at least. There seems to be scent at all. It was not greasy, or sticky. It dried quickly and my skin felt smoother and softer around my eyes. I would say it is a pretty good product.
Here is a little video on YouTube showing how I put it on, and that can be seen below.

I do not have crow’s feet yet, but this item claims the moisturizing effect helps with fine lines.  I think I will continue using it to avoid them, it certainly does moisturize.  Also, the skin around my eyes does feel much softer.

This is my honest review, I think it is a good product, and I am going to continue to use it so I do not get those crow’s feet.

Eye Metics sells for $114 dollars on their site: