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Genevieve Avani Lifestyles Bamboo Cups

Genevieve Avani Lifestyles

Bamboo Cups

My family is really loving pastel colors lately.  We have basically redone all of my furniture in pastel colors and moved to pastel shower curtains and bathmats.  I think it really has such a calming effect, and the colors just seem happy.  So, I was super excited when I was asked to review these little pastel colored bamboo cups.  Made by Genevieve Avani Lifestyles in Paris, the cups sell for 29.99 for all 6.

My tin buckets behind the cups are not included, but the six cups are made with colorful bamboo fibers.  Environmentally friendly and are biodegradable, Sabina Elisabeth created the artistic designs.  Good for hot or cold drinks, these cups are not microwavable.  I am thinking of using one in the bathroom as a toothbrush holder and one as a rinse cup because they are so cute.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is great.  I received these for a discount to review them. They are lovely, and I rarely do reviews I pay to do.  As you can see, the blue cups and pink cups are not the exact same color, although they are similar.

Purchase your own cups here.



Jastek 4-in-1 and 6-in-1 Multiple USB Charging Cable Adapter Connector

There are some brands I really love working with because they have great products, and Jastek has been one, so when I got these charging cables  for free to review, I was excited.  The kids have been using a variation of the small one with 5 different connectors for a while.  I like the way they did the cords, they will not come apart for the iphone ones, like a normal iphone charging cable does.

I did a short video reviewing the cords:

And here is the video on the one the kids still use.  They have a lot of different colors for these.


Grab yours here: for both

Here for the long one:


Health Labs Nutra Advanced Probiotic

I have been taking probiotics for a while.  They are supposed to help with gut bacteria that leads to autoimmune flares, so I gave them a try.  After being on them a while, I switched from my previous brand to Health Labs Nutra Advanced Probiotics, and they work just as well for a lesser price.

They sell for $22.97 on Ebay, and for 19.92 on Amazon.

Here is the product listing, as written by the seller:

I also did a video review on Youtube:

Overall, I think it is a great product that will save me a few dollars in the long run.

I received this product for free for reviewing purposes only.


Eye Metixs Eye Wakening Serum by Palm Beach Pure

Eye Metixs Eye Awakening Serum Review

I received this product for free for testing purposes only.

I could not find anything I did not like about this cream. It is a little thick, so really go easy with it. It has an immediate soothing effect on my eyes. Lately, I suffer from a lot of insomnia, and it is catching up with me. This did help me feel better at least. There seems to be scent at all. It was not greasy, or sticky. It dried quickly and my skin felt smoother and softer around my eyes. I would say it is a pretty good product.
Here is a little video on YouTube showing how I put it on, and that can be seen below.

I do not have crow’s feet yet, but this item claims the moisturizing effect helps with fine lines.  I think I will continue using it to avoid them, it certainly does moisturize.  Also, the skin around my eyes does feel much softer.

This is my honest review, I think it is a good product, and I am going to continue to use it so I do not get those crow’s feet.

Eye Metics sells for $114 dollars on their site:

Easter Egg Ideas

I am a little sad to say this year will be the first year that no one in the family is hunting Easter eggs.  The past three Easters, we have been experimenting with several types of egg coloring ideas.  I put links to every video and every former blog link is in blue.  This year, we tried chalkboard eggs.  It was a pretty fun decorating idea, but it obviously not a keepsake idea.  The chalk never does completely erase, though.

Here is what happened when we tested some chalkboard eggs:

Last year was the first year that we really started thinking about eggs that we could keep.   One kind we did was Mod Podge and tissue paper.  We also used some star glitter, also with Mod Podge, on brown eggs.  We did not dye any, since we already had the pretty brown color on the eggs.

The thing that is not fun about keepsakes is the blowing the egg part.  You have to drill a small hole in the top, and a larger one in the bottom.  Then, you put your mouth against the smaller one and blow out the inside of the egg.  I had to shake the egg before and during to get the inside scrambled a little bit and easier to get out.

In 2015, we tried several different decorating techniques.  Some were awesome, some were messes, and some were complete fails.  We made a makeshift egg holder out of pins, and we died eggs with rice.  This was a fun one.

The eggs turned out really pretty, but not very vibrant.  Here is our experience, on film:

Another one we did requires leaves, flowers, and panty hose.  The leaf imprint egg was pretty darn messy, but it was definitely a fun one aside from that.  The colors were vibrant, and we used a makeshift egg holder, again.

Here is the mess, documented, as well as what worked, and what failed.

The last eggs we did were such a pretty, messy, stinky disaster.  Since we were using nail polish, we made sure we blew out the eggs first.  Do the same with the Mod Podge eggs, no one needs to ingest either one.

Where the polish sticks, you get a beautiful egg.  The problem was it did not stick on the whole egg, and it caused everyone to get a headache from the smell.  Here is the video:

I am sad to say this looks like our last Easter egg dying video and our last year to be doing anything for the kids at all, aside from eating Easter dinner.  We have had a wonderful 20 Easters since Gage was born, and it continued until Lizzie was 10.  Even family traditions have to come to an end.  But, I still have a little hope I can squeeze one more year out of them.


Walmart Beauty Box for Spring 2017

Once again, it is time for the Walmart seasonal Beauty Box.  I have tested and received various boxes, and this, by far, is my very least favorite.  This box certainly did not change my opinion.  The main complaint I have is that Walmart, being the biggest retail store there is, should be able to send something other than samples you can get for free elsewhere, and samples that are in those pouches attached to paper, for $10 dollars.  It is not a good deal at all.

The first product, and the only one that I actually think might be a good sample, is Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Utimate Repair Shampoo and conditioner.  It came in two 1.7 fl. oz. bottles, and it has a nice clean scent to it.

The second product is 2 fl. Oz of Jergen’s Natural Glow.  I have a whole bunch of Jergen’s product I get free in the mail.  You can request these from multiple sources online.

The third product was .06, yes, .06, fl Oz and a $2 off coupon.  I would love to be able to have enough to write a real review on this, but no such luck.

Product number 4 is Aveeno Positively Radiant, the kind of samples you get in the mail.  Each has .01 oz, not enough to review.

Number 5 is Colgate Optic White.  this is .75 oz.  I love this product, I got a full size tube from a company a while back.

Product number 6 is another one I can get excited about.  This is Soo AD Nature Collagen Essence Mask.  I cannot wait to try this one.

The last couple of products are Coconut Oil based.  One says free sample on it.  The other is .03 fl. Oz.

I have yet to receive a Walmart Beauty Box that was worth the $10 it costs.  These samples are almost all things you can get for free, the rest are not enough to even review.  I would go with Birchbox or another company if you are looking for beauty deals, and signing up for samples otherwise.

Here is the unboxing video.


DIY Charcoal Facemask

I usually only test products that I am sent for reviews, but this do it yourself charcoal mask craze got me curious.  There are two ingredients.  You need activated charcoal capsules and school glue.

I am not sure why, but Wal-Mart was out of Elmer’s school glue in anything but clear, so I went with CraZart.  The Charco Caps were the only charcoal capsules I could find, as well.

The instructions are quite simple.  Take two activated charcoal capsules and open them onto a plate or in a bowl.  I am using a disposable plate this time.

Next, add some glue.  I do not really care for this brand.  It seemed really thick.

Mix into a thick, dark paste.

I left the mask on my face for over an hour before it dried.  When you use it, be careful not to get any hair in it.  It will work basically like a wax and remove your hair.  Watch out for your eyebrows and baby hairs along your forehead.  The mask left me feeling super soft.  I love it and will be doing it again.

Here is a demonstration of the mask removal.  I am not going to lie, it kind of hurt to remove it.