Today is World Poetry Day

Today one, of the trending topics on Twitter was world poetry day.  I am not a poet, but I did share this on YouTube, so I will just share it here, as well.Like I said, I am not a poet, so I really am not sure how to correctly place the lines or any of that.  From my high school diary, a poem, kind of.


Today, I learned about a man
Strong and beautiful
Young and proud

Alone in your struggle,
just you with your mind
twisting and turning
I throw you a kiss
and flash you a smile

Your feet fall like petals
From roses and dreams
Slow to the ground
while dodging the times

The pages still turn…

I saw your head
bow to the grace
of an unearthed ruler
(with no one to rule)
You’ve cowered and crawled,
and now you’ve skinned up your knees.

And you do it for nothing
While you drag us along
These callous souls
are in need of rest
and look for a spot
Away from the sun
and outside the shadows
you cast behind.

I saw you shake your fist
up to the sky
and cry out loud
To a god
You neither know nor fear

(much less believe in)

You tread through the water
Unafraid to drown
As long as the cause
Is just for the game.

But I need you…

And I need you to know…

When the leader lies dead
I will bring him some soup
and burn all the roses
that fall on his head
as he lies there, sleeping.

Today, I learned about a man,
young and beautiful,
strong and proud,
today, I learned about a man.

And, that is my poetic attempt from my youth.  You should share one with me.