My Try at Internet Dating

I am not sure if I was bored or curious, or maybe the two equate the same in me, but I joined an internet dating site.  I only joined for one month, and I now am no longer curious.  I am, however, a bit bored.

I should have learned the last time, the time I decided it was okay to meet one of my Twitter followers and he turned out to be nothing but a low life cheater.  But, I did not learn, and I got a bit frustrated with someone who was asking me out and putting me off, so I joined.

Now, I am not unhappy alone.  I do, however, enjoy going out from time to time like anyone else.  And I like to feel like I am appreciated.  At this time, I did not.  So, in the first 24 hours, I got 129 messages.  I guess that was okay, but most of them came from people who looked like they spent a majority of their youth shooting up in alleys.  Then, there was Mr. Perfect.

Mr. Perfect was absolutely gorgeous.  He was the typical blue-eyed tall dark and handsome.  He was 6’2, in a suit, and his hair had hints of gray, but in a dignified manner.  So, when I saw the picture of Mr. Perfect, I got a real membership to the site.

I gave Mr. Perfect my number, and the name came up on my cell’s caller id.  I got a good morning text every morning, a good night call every night.  We video messaged.  My heart flip-flopped when I saw the messages.  Then, he wanted to meet me.  I cannot tell you how excited I was.  I saw his name come up on my caller id, once again, so I decided to google it.

I did not even do a background check, I didn’t have to.  Mr. perfect had a record.  At first, the one I saw was traffic related, so I kind of giggled about his hot mugshot.  The second was the one that scared me off of dating sites for good.  It was theft, and I think the amount was between $500=-24,000 in 2014.  So, Mr. Perfect is now Mr. History, and I am still single.  I am thinking I should just stay that way.

The pics were my dating profile pics.