EMYS: The Lovable Language Instruction Robot for Kids

I received an email earlier this week about a product that I think is a pretty amazing product.  I do not usually write about products I have not tested, but I believe this is an amazing product and I hope to see the people involved succeed.

The product is EMYS.  This is a robot that teaches children a second language.  The person I spoke with through email is Jan Kedzierski.  Jan has a PhD in social robotics.  He is an expert in robot control and hardware systems, a human-robot interaction designer.


EMYS by Flash Robotics is a friendly robotic head that teaches kids ages 3-7 foreign languages through regular, fun interactions. EMYS appeals to multiple senses, and uses language children already know via their favorite cartoons, toys, and items from their surroundings. He can move, speak, recognize faces, and express emotions – which fosters bonding. Through the journey of learning languages, EMYS can become a part of children’s world, full of wonder, characters, imagination.



EMYS is currently equipped to teach English-speaking children Spanish, and Spanish-speaking children English. Additional language support is in development.


Learning processes take time and it’s best for kids to start early, especially when it comes to language. It’s optimal for kids to start learning a second language while they’re still developing their first language. The trouble is, weekly private lessons are inefficient and expensive, and existing games and language apps don’t have the engagement factor that kids need. Ways of teaching kids must be attractive and engaging to children, as they need to learn with all of their senses. Specifically designed to address the unique learning preferences of early childhood, EMYS leverages the power of repetition, multiple senses, emotional expressiveness, and a sense of accomplishment. To further incentivize participation in lessons, kids earn daily rewards that unlock new games and content.

The link to help back and fund this product through Kickstarter is: