Monthly Archives: February 2017


I think everyone is pretty aware that values are important to have, but do we ever really sit down and think about our values?  I sat down and wrote mine down so that I could become more aware of what is important to me, and so I could make sure these are all priorities to me.  I had 20 that I came up with, and I will list them below and tell you why they are important to me.  I pretty much did the same in the video above.

Family is a value.  I love time with my family.  I have made more family fun nights and different activities we can do together so this value is not overlooked.

Freedom is huge to me.  I like my independence, and I have no desire to give that up for anyone.  The minute I feel this one threatened is the minute I need to reassert this one.  I do not ever want to compromise my ability to choose, think, and do what I want, when I want.

Fun is next.  I feel like so often between my health and just the repetition of daily activities, I forget to enjoy what I am doing.  We are in control of making our own lives fun.

Gratitude is so important.  I know I say this a lot, but I have so much to be grateful for.  I am trying to remain aware of this all the time.

Happiness is kind of a universal one, again.  We all want to achieve that happiness.

Fairness is important in my household.  I want to make sure I practice fairness in my parenting.

Honesty is something I think is hard to practice with myself at times.  I am working on this one.

Humor is my way of dealing with things.  I will make a joke out of a bad day, situation, or person.  Jokes get me through it.  I have laughed at funerals.  It is literally my coping mechanism.

Integrity is a pretty common one.  I think I should practice integrity in all I do and expect it in return.

Leaving a positive mark on the world or the people I know is something I really find important.  I want people to think of me and smile.

We should always practice kindness.  This one does not need to be explained.

I really want to appreciate things more.  This goes from people to art, in every part of my life, I want to show more appreciation.

Commitment is another one.  I want to be committed to all of my projects and all of the things I involve myself in.  I do not want to give up.

Friendship is one where I feel I fail a lot.  I am not the best at keeping these up, but I am trying to do better.

Spirituality has always been so important to me.  I am not religious, but I am trying to meditate and do yoga and other things to get in touch with that side of myself.

Hope.  I think I am always keeping hope and optimism, which is another value, as long as I am alive.

Respect with reciprocity.

Cooperation in my ventures.

The last one is love.  I think it is easy to send that one out and receive it.  I am not talking romantic love, I am talking about something deeper, something stronger, something all encompassing.  That is what I want to send out into the world.

Those are the values I wrote down that are of the most importance to me at this time.  I think this is a great idea, and I hope you not only enjoyed it, but that you will find yours, as well.