Monthly Archives: January 2017

In the Kitchen With Steph and Raw Spice Bar

There was an email in my inbox from the friendly folks at Raw Spice Bar asking me to review their new product for the holiday season.  I have to totally admit that I dropped the ball on this one.  First off, I failed to realize they meant Thanksgiving, and second, I have misplaced the third seasoning packet.  All of m shortcomings aside, their seasonings are $8 dollars a month, and amazing.

The seasoning packets come three taped together.  There are 2 recipes on cards for each packet.  You choose one to make.  My  demonstrations are in vlog format, so I will post both below.  I am still pretty bummed that I missed the third packet.  My home will be torn up looking for it until it is found.

As for the videos, they are right here, below.  Thank you for your support, and love.  Keep on smiling.