YouTube, The New Algorithms, and PewDiePie

In a lot of my groups that I have joined for small YouTube channels, I have been hearing several common complaints.  Subs are disappearing, and views are dropping.  To the big accounts with the big voices, this is having a big enough impact that they are even complaining.  The biggest is PewDIePie.  He is, in fact, the biggest YouTuber there is.

The problem seems to be with algorithms.  Inactive subs are being dropped from channels, and in some cases, people who comment a lot on certain videos are being dropped, as well.  This has had a major effect on revenue and overall growth.  People with good content are seeing drastic drops in the past few months.  From what I have gathered looking at videos, this is all across the board, and YouTube is not really explaining any of it.  Vloggers with viral videos are finding it hard to recover from drops in views after the viral videos because their new videos are not getting the views, and not being promoted.  This brings us to PewDiePie.

I am not a watcher of PewDiePie.  I never sat through a video of his all the way through until tonight.  The impact is so huge, his views on his personal vlogs are hitting less than 2 million views instead of whatever ungodly number he usually hits.  He brings up a lot of good points.  A major one is the new way your personal preferences page is now just viral videos you do not want to see, and the ones you subscribe to seem hidden.  Channels you subscribe to are automatically dropping from your page randomly by YouTube itself.  All of these points are great, yet, the one thing anyone is focusing on is he said it is happening because he is white.  So, another important issue for people trying to make money with their passion was overlooked due to an insensitive statement.

I am looking forward to how all of this pans out in the long run.  I do find it unfair to drag his name through the mud.  In the mean time, here is his rant.  I wish him the best of luck.