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If You Were Me and We Lived in the Middle Ages Book Review


I received If You Were Me and We Lived in the Middle Ages for free to review.  We have four books from this series.  They are children’s books.  I use these for tools for homeschooling.

Carol P. Roman take the parts of history children find boring and make them a personal experience.  When she says, “If you were me,’ she means it.  She goes through the every day experiences of a girl in that time period.  It is factual, and it is well written.  My kids look forward to the lessons we will learn from the books, and this is because of the unique perspective of the author.  Illustrations by Mateya Arkova really enhance the entire story.

I look forward to buying any more stories in this series.  You can pick this one up on Amazon here:


MICRORANGE 3D Sleep Mask Ligthweight Blindfold
I received this sleep mask for free to review. It is a very comfortable mask. It does block out almost all the light, I only had one spot on my nose. The fabric is thick, no light can really penetrate through. The mask is so comfortable, it is definitely better than most I have used. There is no slipping, it did not end up in the bed beside me or on my forehead.

T-Spray Cosmetic Teeth and Oral Spray

I received T-spray Cosmetic Teeth and Oral Spray for free in exchange for an honest review.  It is a non-toxic, natural product you can swallow without worry.  I like it, I give it 4 out of 5 stars for being a pretty good product.  My only complaint is the taste is too strong for my teenage boys.  It makes your mouth feel clean at any time of the day, and it is so easy to use.  You just put it about an inch from your mouth and spray.  I took a before and after picture while I was using the spray, and here it is.


You can buy the product here on Amazon:

I also made a YouTube video about the product.

It is a good product, overall.

The Speedy Cube Review

The Get Childish company wants you to get childish with their new version of the Rubix Cube. It is a softer version, and it has no stickers. The squares do not hang up on one another, and it is a great stimming toy for children with Autism. My kids can play with it for long periods, uninterrupted.
Here is more information on it:

You can purchase one here: