Review of: If You Were Me and Lived in Elizabethan England


Ever wonder where the saying, “It is raining cats and dogs,” came from? Have you also wondered why the Elizabethan Era was called the Golden Age?  Carole P. Roman has a series of books, each with the phrase of, “If You Were Me and Lived in,” at the beginning of the title, and a specific era at the end.  I got the Elizabethan England book for free to review.

I love books on history.  What I find so many are missing is a personal touch that makes the story interesting to the reader.  In these children’s books, Roman does just that.  It becomes a personal journey for the reader, they really do get a glimpse into what the era was like.

The story is told to you as if you are regular class citizen in the Elizabethan Era.  I love this, because if we were alive back then, that would likely be the scenario.  The author’s vivid descriptions of the time period are easy for my nine year old daughter to picture, and she really got into asking questions about people in that period.

Roman describes villages and neighborhoods.  She tells the reader how homes for regular people were, and also describes the homes of nobility.  In the book, she also describes a little bit of the monetary system at the time.  Incomes of certain people are listed.  She tells about theaters, and entertainment at that time.  These are things I find interesting, and so did my daughter.  So much information is in this book.  All of it is well thought out, and easily read.

In the back of the book, Roman has not only included a glossary of words and terms, but a list of important people of that time period.  Noted are Sir Francis Drake and Shakespeare.  The illustrations are by Paula Tabor, and it definitely enhances the ability for a young reader to place themselves inside the story.

Everything about this book was well liked by us.  Not only was it interesting, but it is informative enough to where we will be incorporating it into our homeschooling lessons this year.

I also received a bonus book called “If You Were Me and Lived in the American West.”  I have been looking over this one to include in our home lessons, as well, and I can say this series is definitely a positive tool to get kids more interested in history.  Making the experience personal for the young reader definitely wins in this house.

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