Phytopia Tranquility Review


I received Phytopia Tranquility for free for reviewing purposes only.  It is Phytopia’s Tranquility.  This product is a blend of carrier oils and essential oils to promote stress relief and relaxation.  The first thing I was impressed with was the packaging.


The bottle comes in a cute little box with a string that winds it shut.  It reads, “Change starts with me,” on the bottom.  Nothing is better than starting out relaxation with a positive mantra.


When you open the box, a cute bag is inside and a small envelope, again, closed with a string.


Inside the envelope is four  cards.  The cards tell you about the product, and they reiterate that change starts with you.


The product itself is such a pleasant surprise.  I was unsure what I would find.  I was thinking it would be something with a strong scent, like a eucalyptus or lavender, but it is such a clean and light scent, much like olive oil.  It is not greasy.  It dries quickly on my skin.

The instructions are to rub the product on your neck and shoulders.  I will definitely be doing this the recommended one to two times a day.

If you would like to purchase this product, the amazon link is here: