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Mini Stars Beaded Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver Box Chain Layered Women’s Bracelet Dainty Jewellery BFF Gift

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This is by far one of my favorite products I have received in exchange for an honest review.  The bracelet is silver, sterling silver.  It is a double chain with beads secured to the chain and stars that slide between those beads.

Mini Stars Beaded Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver Box Chain Layered Women’s Bracelet Dainty Jewellery BFF Gift

I received the bracelet through Amazon UK.  It is 16.95 and I am not sure how much that is in U.S. dollars.  The bracelet is very classy and delicate, and it can be worn with absolutely anything.

Product description from the page:

Dispatched from and sold by BINLI. Gift-wrap available.
  • Materials: 925 sterling silver, Length of the Chain: 7.48inch (19cm)
  • Six stars and eight beads are attached to a delicate box chain to form the most adorable bracelet.
  • Trendy to wear alone or stack with other bracelets. Simple, delicate and so cute!
  • Won’t tarnish or change colors, made from excellent quality 925 sterling silver.

A perfect gift for that someone special in your life, or a special treat for yourself.

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100 Naturals Review Turmeric Curcumin


I received a bottle of 100 Naturals Turmeric Curcumin for free in exchange for an honest review.  The bottle is a 30 day supply of 60 pills.  Active ingredients are:  1200 mg. of turmeric, 100 mg. tumeric 95% curcuminolds, and 10 mg BioPervine.  BioPervine is a black pepper extract registered to Sebrinsa Corporation.  The serving size is two capsules, containing a vegetable cellulose.  The tablets are to be taken before a meal.

Curcumin is the anti-inflammatory substance in turmeric.  It aids in joint health.  The reason for the black pepper is that curcumin is hard to absorb into the blood stream without it.  For people, like myself, with chronic inflammation, tumeric is usually a really good thing to take.  I have several auto-immune problems and fibromyalgia.  I wish this was the wonder drug for me.  However, it was not.

Not long after I took the suppliment, I found myself having a bout of tachycardia.   I have not experienced it to this extreme in a very long time.  This is the only new thing I introduced.

That being said, I believe in the power of natural healing.  I believe if you find something that works for you, and it is natural, you should go for it.  This just was not the right product for me.

Thank you, 100 Naturals, for the opportunity to review your product.  If you would like to purchace 100 Naturals Advanced Blend Turmeric Curcumin, here is a link:

Product Review: Phytopia Stretch Marks Remover


I have bought for personal use and also received Phytopia products for free to review.  I think their products are amazing, and the packaging is so cute.  So, when I was asked to review Phytopia Stretch Marks Remover, I was pretty excited.

When I got the package, it was just as fun as I was the first time.  It is put together so well, I just love it.  I think that is why it makes a great gift.


The best thing about Phytopia products is the clean scent from the oils.  It is not a strong scent.  It is just a light, pleasant scent.  I cannot take a strong scent due to my headaches.

I have a lot of stretch marks that span over almost two decades.  I think I could use every product out there, and I am not going to rid myself of the stretch marks.  This product does, however, help smooth out my skin and give it a softer feel.  I also think, had I used it during my pregnancy, the Cocoa butter would probably have helped me to eliminate some of those marks before they happened.

I love this company and their products.  I love the packaging. Basically, l love it all.  Here is where you can pick some up.

Meagoes 4.8 A USB Car Charger Review

I received a Meagoes 4.8 USB car charger for free to review.  It is in a rose gold, it has a bright pink light that comes on when it is plugged in.  It is really a pretty color.  The in put is DC 12-24 V, max 2.5 A.  The input is DC 5v, 2.4 A.  The max output is 4.5 A.  It is 2.7x1x1 inches, 23 grams.

The charger did a great job charging my HTC.  I will definitely be replacing my old car charger with this new one.  Plus, there are two places to plug in cords.

If you would like to purchase one of these for yourself, you can get one from Amazon here:


Review of: If You Were Me and Lived in Elizabethan England


Ever wonder where the saying, “It is raining cats and dogs,” came from? Have you also wondered why the Elizabethan Era was called the Golden Age?  Carole P. Roman has a series of books, each with the phrase of, “If You Were Me and Lived in,” at the beginning of the title, and a specific era at the end.  I got the Elizabethan England book for free to review.

I love books on history.  What I find so many are missing is a personal touch that makes the story interesting to the reader.  In these children’s books, Roman does just that.  It becomes a personal journey for the reader, they really do get a glimpse into what the era was like.

The story is told to you as if you are regular class citizen in the Elizabethan Era.  I love this, because if we were alive back then, that would likely be the scenario.  The author’s vivid descriptions of the time period are easy for my nine year old daughter to picture, and she really got into asking questions about people in that period.

Roman describes villages and neighborhoods.  She tells the reader how homes for regular people were, and also describes the homes of nobility.  In the book, she also describes a little bit of the monetary system at the time.  Incomes of certain people are listed.  She tells about theaters, and entertainment at that time.  These are things I find interesting, and so did my daughter.  So much information is in this book.  All of it is well thought out, and easily read.

In the back of the book, Roman has not only included a glossary of words and terms, but a list of important people of that time period.  Noted are Sir Francis Drake and Shakespeare.  The illustrations are by Paula Tabor, and it definitely enhances the ability for a young reader to place themselves inside the story.

Everything about this book was well liked by us.  Not only was it interesting, but it is informative enough to where we will be incorporating it into our homeschooling lessons this year.

I also received a bonus book called “If You Were Me and Lived in the American West.”  I have been looking over this one to include in our home lessons, as well, and I can say this series is definitely a positive tool to get kids more interested in history.  Making the experience personal for the young reader definitely wins in this house.

To buy this and other books in this series:


Phytopia Tranquility Review


I received Phytopia Tranquility for free for reviewing purposes only.  It is Phytopia’s Tranquility.  This product is a blend of carrier oils and essential oils to promote stress relief and relaxation.  The first thing I was impressed with was the packaging.


The bottle comes in a cute little box with a string that winds it shut.  It reads, “Change starts with me,” on the bottom.  Nothing is better than starting out relaxation with a positive mantra.


When you open the box, a cute bag is inside and a small envelope, again, closed with a string.


Inside the envelope is four  cards.  The cards tell you about the product, and they reiterate that change starts with you.


The product itself is such a pleasant surprise.  I was unsure what I would find.  I was thinking it would be something with a strong scent, like a eucalyptus or lavender, but it is such a clean and light scent, much like olive oil.  It is not greasy.  It dries quickly on my skin.

The instructions are to rub the product on your neck and shoulders.  I will definitely be doing this the recommended one to two times a day.

If you would like to purchase this product, the amazon link is here:



The Angry Scooter Boy in Walmart Parkinglot

Cheers, scooter man.

Yesterday, I got this need to change the color scheme in my life.  I mean this in an actual literal sense, I felt the need to change the look of my home.  My friend and I decided to take a trip to Walmart for paint and some color therapy.

After finding some cheap canvas and a small array of paint in pastel colors, my friend and I were pretty psyched about getting some art work done.  We discussed ideas.  Strangers in the line in front of us joined in our conversation, as they seem to do with happy, excited people.  I even got a little conversation going with the check out lady about paint and cheap decorating ideas.  We were on a decorating high.

I always park pretty far out in a parking lot.  There is really no reason other than I drive a large car and it lacks a rear view cam.  I cannot see anyone shorter than my back window behind my car.  I drive into a slot that is empty on both sides, and make sure the front end of the car faces the lane.  Backing into someone is not my idea of fun.  It is really no sacrifice for me to park further from the entrance of the store.

As we got in my car, we noticed a trailer attached to the back of a truck that was full of old chairs.  We talked for a minute about the chairs, and we both wondered if the owner was going to resale any, because we bought paint.  Old chairs become new with a little paint.  But, there was nothing identifiable that I could see on this truck that I was parked next to.  I drove around it to get in a lane to exit Walmart.  As I did this, my friend commented on a chair with a dark blue back on it.  I, again, parked beside the truck and we looked.  Then, I proceeded to look both ways for traffic and start to exit.  There was none.

Then, we saw the wing back chair.

So, my curiosity got me.  I stopped long enough to notice a stain on the arm of the chair when I hear a small rev of a small engine.  My first thought, scooter.  This was definitely no consequence to me, there are empty parking places all around, room to go around, other lanes.  I ignored it.  Then, my friend and I wonder, did we miss a possible number on the driver side door?  So I go far enough up to stop and turn my head to look for a number, and the little scooter rev happens, once again.  Mind you, this entire process took maybe 30 seconds.  I was on a decorating high.  That was when I found out who revved that little engine that apparently could.

In the infinite space which is maybe the mid-section of our local Walmart parking lot, this man, who must have been of equal infinite importance, zips in front of us and shakes his head the entirety of the time.  Not once, not twice, the entire time.  Being on a decorating high, this was again, of no circumstance to me.  This is the point, though, that really got me.

After he zipped by carelessly, oblivious to the fact that anyone besides himself actually matters, and 30 or so seconds is not really that big of a chunk of your life, and there is infinite space to go around, he actually stops long enough at the sign to turn around and shake his head at me, while making eye contact.  There goes another wasted thirty seconds.   My only response was the only one appropriate for someone on a decorating high, hysterical laughing.

In all honesty, as much comic relief as this has brought me, I am thankful eternally that I do not have men like angry scooter boy in my life.  Also, it may have been a motorcycle, but does it really matter?