Steph and Matt Make Rain Sticks


Summer is here, and my kids are bored.  They are not bored enough to want to go to school, but they are bored enough to want to do projects at home.  That is why I thought we should make some simple rain sticks.  The entire project took around 30 minutes, minus drying time.  As you can see in the video, Matt’s is still a little wet.

All you need to make a rain stick is

  • 2 centers of a paper towel roll
  • paper towels
  • minute rice
  • construction paper
  • things to decorate the stick with (I just used paint pens)

This project is so simple.

  1. Take the center of a paper towel roll (cardboard)
  2. set aside about 4 paper towels
  3. roll the paper towels and crumple them
  4. put those towels in the cardboard tube, making sure rice can still go through the roll
  5. cut out circles larger than the ends of the tube to glue the ends shut
  6. glue paper around the tube
  7. glue one circle on one end to close it
  8. pour in the rice
  9. glue the other paper circle on the other end to close that
  10. decorate the tube

If my instructions are not very clear, Matt and I made a video.  This is a very cute and fun project even little hands can enjoy.  Have fun!