Stephie Joins the Dollar Shave Club


I had been thinking about it for a while.  It seems like I feel guilty any time I spend any money on myself for anything, even nice razors.  Then, I heard about the Dollar Shave Club, and I thought, why not?

There really are no gender specific razors.  I do not really think that matters.  I never had anyone come over and ask for a razor, much less one that was pink or purple.

There are three different packages to choose from when purchasing the razors.  The first one is the one I chose.  It is called the Humble Twin.  They send one handle with 5 double blade razors, and it is for $1.  $3 was deducted from my account for that and the shipping and handling.

The next package is $6.  There is no additional charge for shipping and handling.  It has one handle, 4 stainless steel blades, 4 cartridges per month.

The last one is $9.  It has 6 blades and 4 cartridges.

I noticed that they also sell shaving butter and so many other things.  They have hair products, soaps, and other grooming supplies.  I am happy with the razor, but I have yet to try the shave butter they included in my order.  I think I may give that to my oldest son.  It seems to maybe be just a facial product.

In all of the things I have ordered personally this year, I think this is the most  convenient and the best deal yet.  Maybe soon they will come out with pink.