Influenster Voxbox Review: ZZZQuil

I received a Voxbox from Influenster with a sample of ZzzQuil for free for reviewing purposes only.


All products containing diphenhydramine are supposed to be non-habit forming and safe to use as a sleep aid.  Diphenhydramine is Benadryl.  Benadryl does make most people sleepy, as it does me, but it does not solve problems like true insomnia.  ZzzQuil does not have any pain relievers.  It is for sleeping only.

In order to give a fair review, I must be honest.  People who are not sleeping well become desperate, as I have, and if they just read labels, they would know most products out there are all Benadryl.  Tylenol P.M. has it.  All of the P.M. meds that I have read the label on have it.  The only difference with that 25 milligrams is the price.

I checked for a price comparison.  Walmart lists 48 ZzzQuil liquitabs  at a price of $13.47.  Keep in mind it is just Benadryl with a fancy label.  100 Benadryl is $11.84.   The generic version is $6.98 for 200 pills, all 25 mg.

So, my review is yes, it can work.  It does the same thing as all the other sleep aids.  It is just Benadryl, and if an honest review causes me to no longer receive products to review, so be it.  People do not always read the labels, and it says right on it that it is diphenhydramine.  It is just an overpriced version of it.