Olive Garden Waco Drive


I do not go out to eat a whole lot, so when I do I am generally excited and having certain expectations.  While we were out last week at Richland mall shopping, we decided we wanted to stop in at Olive Garden for the endless soup and salad.  It was lunch time, and nothing else really sounded that appealing.

We walk into a pretty much empty restaurant, and the hostess is just leaning forward on the podium with all her weight.  She barely looked up to tell us, “We are cleaning off the tables, be with you in a minute.”  She didn’t smile.  She didn’t stop leaning.  She just grumbled.  We sat to wait.

It was not very long until the hostess grumbled the tables were ready.  Our waitress, with a tag that said Jake, bounced over to take our drink order.  We ordered teas, which I shouldn’t have touched, because I did not get a refill until we were out the door.

When she asked if we wanted cheese and we both replied no, she acknowledged we did not then came back and started grating it on my plate.  This was not a big deal at all.  Her giggling reaction kind of was.  I did not ask for a new plate.  I just shrugged it off.

So, Jake, AKA Naomi, came by all the surrounding tables offering tea, to go and otherwise,  as my glass sat on the edge of the table.  Empty.  She ignored my saying excuse me three times. Now Naomi has a great and bubbly personality, but that did not refill my drink.

All else was great.  The soup and bread was as good as always, and the salad was their usual amazing salad.  It just seemed that the people working in there neither cared for their job, nor the fact that I really do not get out much and have certain expectations.