A Church at Westphalia, Texas

2016-03-18 15.56.57

On a road trip last year to Austin, we came across this church in Westphalia, Texas, and I just had to take some pictures.  This beautiful church is the Church of the Visitation.  It was built by German settlers after they purchased 100 acres for a church and school.  After the initial two buildings were destroyed in the 1880’s, a Christmas Eve meeting of the community brought up the idea of building a larger church.  When they were able to do it, the stone foundation came by rail from Muldoon, Texas; the wood from Waco.  The community built the church with these materials for free.

This is the beginning history of this particular church.  The windows were all shipped from Westphilia, Germany, which is where the town got its name.  This is a very interesting place, historically.  It is also a very beautiful place, aesthetically.  For more information on the church, or the town, here is the website of the congregation and a little bit from the actual church.

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