A Free Way to Teach and Tutor Math at Home


My kids are pretty far behind in Math, and that has been a homeschooling frustration of mine for a pretty long time.  I know they are behind, and even worse, they know they are behind.  This is an eternal struggle with special needs kids, they are on so many different grade levels and their ability to comprehend different subjects is all over the board.  There never really seems to be a definitive answer.  Yet, there are many programs I have found to narrow that widening gap they are constantly slipping towards.

I was not a fan of Easy Peasy Homeschool at first.  I think I have said that in former blogs.  It is all laid out for you, grade by grade, day by day, and that is all good and well, but when you have kids that are on multiple levels, it really leaves gaps in the ability for them to follow that particular curriculum.  What I have found, that I LOVE, is the way the math is laid out for you.

The steps to get to it can be confusing, but I will go ahead and do it step by step from where Matt and Sam are at this point.  First, you go to the home page for Easy Peasy.   Then you go to the grade level for your child.  For Matt and Sam, this is 6th.  The link is at the top of the page.  Next, you go to the day of the school year in which you are teaching.  That day is 171 in our home.  Scroll down to your day.  Click on the Math link.  From there, scroll down to Middle School Math (5th through 8th).  There are several steps there.  We are on Step 1.   As you can see, Khan Academy is offering free courses in Math.  Scroll down to the child’s level.  Our level is Basic Multiplication.  As you can see, this page is a complete teaching tool.  It has videos, tests, pre-tests, practice, it has it all.  We went from adding double digits to this in about three weeks of homeschooling.  This is something the public schools were unable to do.  I do believe, finally, I am impressed, Easy Peasy.

I am sure this can also be a wonderful tool for those of you with children at home for the summer who are struggling with Math.   This would be an excellent tool for tutoring.