Jewelry Sale

I have started making jewelry again.  I have a list of prices, and they may change, but only if stated.  I will start off with 5 items and see how it goes.  I a make all kinds.  The shipping will be 3 in the USA for one listed item, although the item may contain more than one piece.  That may change, as well.  Prices are really based on the amount of time it takes to make more than the cost.  I have these supplies readily available right now.  As of now, this is the listing:

  1. Chain Maille Sets    – 20.00
  2. Other Earrings        –   5.00
  3. Leather Necklaces –  10.00
  4. other Bracelets      –    7.00
  5. 2 piece jewelry      –    10.00
    3 piece jewelry      –    15.00

Chain Maille earrings are 7.00
Chain Maille bracelets     10.00

You can get a hold of me on here, on Facebook, or by email:

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Buddha bracelet and earrings 10.00

Cross with glass and other beads on leather strap with a fancy clasp 10.00

Beautiful chainmaille earrings with glass beads 7.00

Wooden beads on leather 10.00

Glass beads on elastic 7.00

Thank you for looking at my jewelry.  As I sell pieces I will put more up, so keep on coming back.