How I Started Homeschooling in Texas….. Again

2016-03-18 11.45.18

With the way things are in our society, and the way children are bullied, my children, it became necessary for me to homeschool.  Again.

Homeschooling in Texas is pretty easy.  It is the getting there part that is so hard.  You put up with the system, and the fact that your child is probably falling through a crack or two, and you try to keep them in.  There is always a desire to keep them in.  Then, one day, you get a call about your Autistic child being found curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor and they blame the child.  Obviously, it is a sensory issue.  We call it denning.  Yes, that is a thing.  They do it.

Homeschool in Texas is a fairly easy process.  You pull out the child.  To do this, you choose a curriculum. You notify the school, and you start.  I guess that is a vague explanation, so here is how I did it.

If you want to homeschool your child in Texas, you need permission from NO ONE.  The decision is yours, and yours alone.  There are so many curriculum choices out there.  There are faith based ones, there are non-faith based ones, there are every kind and type.  There are free ones, there are bank breakers.  There are also public schools like K12 that are only homeschool in the capacity that you are public schooling in your home.  They still do the silly tests we all stress over, there is still mandatory attendance laws they conform to.  The classes are all Houston ISD through K12.  My oldest went this route.  It is great for a determined and disciplined child.  The rest, not so much.

This is the Texas Homeschool Coalition’s page.  Before you do anything, join them.  They will have your back in all you do, and if you pay and join, they have attorneys to handle truancy claims after withdraw and CPS claims of people who wonder why your kid is not in school.

The second thing you do there is pick a local group.  They are listed in the THC’s site.  Contact them.  Join them.

In order to WITHDRAW your child, you must notify the school in writing on their last day of attendance.  When I did this by email, as law requires, Lizzie’s school sent me an email back saying they would miss her.  Matt and Sam’s school called me and told me that I must physically go to the school to fill out papers and withdraw.  This is completely untrue.  Since I had joined the Texas Homeschool Coalition, they told me to send this letter, as written by the Commissioner, from the TEA on homeschooling.  Do not go to or call the school.  This is apparently very important.

When you finished all of this, the true fun begins.  You are in control of how and what your child learns, and who and what they are exposed to.  This means you can teach your children in a safe and non-violent atmosphere, and in our case, on the level in which the child is actually learning.  I will share our math nightmare as soon as I can talk about it while thinking clearly.

Everyone keeps screaming what is wrong with this country.  Some say we removed God.  Others, we can no longer hit our kids.  I believer they are dead wrong on the hitting.  I also believe that removing the pledge and prayer, we also removed any show of respect and allegiance most of the kids now-a-days ever see.  There just isn’t any.  And, I am an Agnostic.  They no longer respect anyone or anything, or themselves.  People are still hitting kids.  As a result, kids are still hitting and hurting each other. I believe the actual problem is not only the breakdown of the family, but the drive to be so materialistic that we no longer raise our children.  Other people have had and continue to have these jobs as we shame the housewife.  Moms are important.  Family is important.  We really should remember that.  With all the things you cannot control, this is one that maybe, you really can.  Society is not always right.  Moms usually are.