Sam’s Favorite Meal With Veggies

With children with sensory issues, finding a food they will enjoy that is healthy can be a real battle.  We have battled through an, I only want Raman phase, then chased that one with a hot and spicy Cheetos, and ended with everything must have spicy peppers.  In all of this, there really was little to no nutritional value, and the kids were never really full.

Sometimes choosing battles means all out war, regarding health and healthy choices.  An easier road, though, is involving the kids in some creativity, and allowing them in the kitchen.  When I did this, the battle became barely a struggle.

If you have picky kids, you know they basically have to make that choice to eat.  You cannot force it without causing just misery to all parties, so this is our solution in our home.

Preheat your oven to 350
Call in your children
Have them pick a meat of their choice, we do fish or chicken
then have them pick out veggies (we have used fresh or a bag of frozen green beans)
have veggie stock ready, or chicken stock

I usually use two pans.  I get fresh veggies now, I combine bell peppers of different colors, some mushrooms, some onion, garlic, tomato.  I have even used Rotel and corn.  Put that in the bottom of the pan.  Place the meat on top.  The next step is why I use 2 pans.  Let the kids pick out their own seasoning.  These kids pick Cayenne and black pepper.  They use a lot.   Finish with making sure there is some liquid in the bottom of the pan.  I use veggie stock.  Then I cover it with foil and I bake it for about an hour for chicken and maybe half an hour for fish.  It really is good, but the kids think it is amazing because they made it.  I am sure you could use potatoes or anything you wanted to use, I just usually try to stick with the peppers and mushrooms.  I love the flavor, and they do not mind it when they helped make it.  Simple and easy is so much better when you have kids who have special needs, and making them a part of everything is so important.  I hope you and yours enjoy this as much as we do.