Our Skittles Strawberry Cake

2016-04-29 18.58.39-4

I was asked by Skittles through Crowdtap how I incorporate Skittles into summer snacks.  I had to really think on this, I have never incorporated skittles into anything.  So, I ran to Walmart and I grabbed what I think was a $.94 box of sour skittles, a strawberry cake mix, and cream cheese icing.

This entire cake cost me less than $5.

So, as  I was mixing the batter,I followed the instructions and also dropped in a half a box of skittles.  This was not a lot.  As you can see from the picture, you can really only distinguish one of the Skittles.

2016-04-29 16.27.37

After the cake baked and cooled, we covered it in the cream cheese icing and I put skittles across the top of only one side.  Those things are incredibly sour.

2016-04-29 18.21.57

The cake turned out great.  The skittles actually melted into little tart colored places in the cake. I think this was a pretty fun and cheap recipe for the kids and myself.  I would really suggest if your kids like super sour things, you try this.  Here is a picture of where a green and yellow one melted into the cake.

2016-04-29 18.23.32