We Are Going to Elijah’s Retreat

I have never taken the boys to an Autism Camp before.  As a matter of fact, I have never taken the kids to any camp before.  I started googling different camps for kids with Autism, and I found Elijah’s Retreat in Jacksonville, Texas.

The Retreat is a Christian based camp on Divine Acres Ranch.  Right now, they have 3 2 bedroom cabins with kitchens and laundry rooms for guests.  They have animals, you can go fishing or hiking, they have play areas.  The best part about it all is that your child with Autism can be themselves.  They can rock and yell and stim and do all of these things openly, and no rude stranger is going to come up to you and judge you, no one is going to give you unsolicited advice, the child can just be who they are.

It is kind of hard to get an empty cabin.  There were none free for three nights for my family until late August, but that is when we will be going.  What the kids are most excited about is there are horses and other animals at the ranch.  I see goats, ponies, dogs, and a deer.  It really looks like a great experience for any family with a child who is struggling with Autism.

The fee for the camp is $30 dollars per night, per family.  They say if you cannot afford that, there are grants that can pay for your stay.  One of the things they ask is that you be sure to clean after yourself, make sure all laundry and dishes are done and put away, so they can keep the cost of housekeeping down.  I think that is by far the best deal I have ever heard of for any camp, at any time.

So, we will be writing about our experiences after August.  I hope others with children in the spectrum will check this place out, it seems wonderful.  We will certainly let ya’ll know.