Glass Bottom Boats, San Marcos Texas

Located at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, a part of Texas State University, the glass bottom boat tours are a wonderful learning experience and fun time for both kids and adults.  The tours are 30 minutes, and the river is so clear, you can see all the wildlife and plants.  The tour guide also tells the history of the river and how long man has inhabited that area, and it is kind of shocking information.  I certainly was unaware of the history of the area.

Another cool thing you can see is the scuba divers under the glass bottom of the boat tending to the wild and plant life below.  It is definitely worth the $9.75 per adult and $6.00 per child they charge, and if you check out their website, Glass-bottom boats, you can get more information on their hours and their prices.

This was definitely something slow paced and educational for kids, and it was definitely a fun addition to our spring break activities.