Casa Rio, San Antonio River Walk

2016-03-15 13.16.18

Part of the fun of the river walk in San Antonio is definitely the food.  I know a lot of people think Mi Tierra is the place to go when you are in San Antonio, but my preference is definitely Casa Rio.

Casa Rio is definitely not the flashiest Mexican food restaurant on the river walk.  It was, however, the first one to open its doors to the river in 1946, so it did help form the Riverwalk as it is today.

The most important thing in a Mexican food restaurant is good salsa.  The salsa was so fresh, so good, and pretty simple.  It was not too spicy, there was not too much cilantro.  It was perfect and not overly onion-y.

2016-03-15 13.40.50

I ordered a taco salad with fajita meat.  This is what I got.  I never order taco salads, but I wasn’t wanting to eat enchiladas and walk around with that full of a stomach, but I did not expect this.  The bottom layers were Spanish Rice and refied beans.  Then there was the lettuce, tomato, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream, topped with steak.  It was hands down the best salad of any type I had ever eaten.

I also had a tamale al la carte.  It was perfect, not too small, and not all cornmeal.

As far as everyone else went, they loved the food, as well.

2016-03-15 13.40.57-2

Matt had Fajita nachos.

2016-03-15 13.40.55

Liz had the bean and cheese.  There is my tamale

2016-03-15 13.40.53

My dad had green chicken enchiladas.

2016-03-15 13.40.52

Sam had queso with chile con carne.  Of course, I tried them, and the flavor took me back to my childhood, when you could find really good Mexican food at any Mexican food restaurant in Texas.  Nowadays, that just is not so.

This was definitely a highlight of San Antonio.  I do not think we had any complaints.  We had about a 40 minute wait for a table, and we had excellent service with our waiter, Zappo.  I would definitely say it is worth stopping for.

2016-03-15 13.01.18

This is the picture Lizzie took of the outside as we waited.  It really doesn’t give you much of an idea of the outward appearance, but the address is:

Casa Rio
430 East Commerce St.
San Antonio, Tx 78205

Thank you again for stopping by the blog.

Much love,
Steph, Matt, Sam, and Lizzie.