The Homeschool Dilemma Starts Again….

Last time I homeschooled, the children loved it.  It was easy and disorganized.  It was sloppy and half way into the school year.

I chose Easy Peasey, because it is easy.  It really is not a good way to go, in my opinion, unless you just want your kids busy a couple of hours and then release them out into your little homeschool world of boredom and redundancy, as it may be.  My kids loved that, and I hated the whole rhetoric about what everyone should do for the rest of their days.

Homeschool is great.  We have a large community of homeschoolers in this county, and they are very tightly knit.  I have not met one family who did not have brilliant children, and I did not meet a single child that was not exceedingly bright and well mannered.  If you do not know our homeschool community, you should.

The great thing that is happening in homeschooling that makes it easier for a parent like myself is virtual academies.  There are pros and cons, as there are to everything.

A lot of homeschoolers like to have the freedom to teach when and as they wish.  This is a major luxury you lose when you join an academy, an academy is still a public school.  Then, we have the religious homeschoolers.  They usually buy the religious curriculum, and that is what they choose to use and teach.  The biggest factor that I find of greatest importance is the lack of government influence on students outside of a public school.  I do not like the testing mentality.  I am not sure how memorizing an aptitude test is actual learning, and I am not sure how imposing these ridiculous rules of everyone having to include and invite everyone else to everything, and the whole uniform thing.  If I start on this part, I may never finish.

I flat out oppose the government having so much say in the raising of our children.  They are raised in institutions from birth, daycares, schools, institutions, and who is teaching the child?  Not the parent.  I am against that.

All of that being said, there is still the socialization issue.  It is funny how this is the issue that comes up from parents who never see their children, and probably do not know them on a truly personal level.  Our kids socialize every day.  They socialize whether or not they would like to be alone, they are losing individuality.  Yes, we socialize our children.  We take our children to the stores, to eat, everywhere we go, all the time.  They do not exist in a bubble.

I have a lot to consider, but I do not think recycling parasites is a way for my children to exist.  There is a better way, and I hope to find it.