Essential oils, Bugs, and the Cluster Headache

2016-03-24 17.57.26

What a past few weeks we have had!  Vacation was amazing.  The kids had a blast, I had a blast, dad had a blast.  We pretty much had the perfect vacation, but it did start out with an itch.

I saw her scratching Friday, after school.  I checked her head, and I decided it was probably dandruff and used some Tar Gel.  The itching seemed to stop, and we went on our way.

2016-03-26 15.53.44

I am not sure what day I finally found a bug, but the child had a single louse I found.  So, I resorted to the fine-tooth comb and Nix.  It seemed to help for that night, and the next day, I was back to using Rid X.  I had no idea about the super strain of lice.  This led to internet searches of home remedies.  Let me start by saying, NO, Listerine does not kill lice.  Tea tree oil conditioner does not work.  What finally worked was the Extra Strength Denorex left on the scalp for 15 minutes, then fine tooth combing, followed by Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment by Hollywood Beauty.  Now, this has not been inexpensive, and I have incorporated several essential oils into the mix, all the while hoping for a way out of the cycle.  I used chamomile, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender as sprays mixed in water bottles.

As if the whole expensive routine in itself was not enough, on Thursday I call the school to inform them that Elizabeth has lice and has returned home every day with them and that is why she missed school.  The response I got from the school nurse was that lice are no reason to miss school.  So this entire uphill battle with sprays and shampoos and essential oils, all of it, was really for nothing but momentary relief.  The school says they can go to school with lice, and we have to continue to send our children out to mingle with the kids whose parents do not care, nor do they treat the lice.  So, by the end of the battle, I had the worst cluster headache I have ever had.  The good news is in this quest to find relief, I have found that the essential oils in the opening picture have provided minimal relief, and any relief is good.  The end result was the same. I still went to the E.R. for a shot and I still have a slight migraine.

As far as the bugs go, I think it is extremely irresponsible, regardless of what the CDC says, for a lice epidemic to be released on the children of the school like it is absolutely nothing.  It is a huge expense for those of us who are left battling it, and the lice are resistant, so the cycle continues, and I am telling my daughter do not touch or hug any other children.  How backwards is that?

And, no, I will not send my child with lice.  I would rather withdraw and homeschool again.

For those of you in this battle, this is what I found to work.

2016-03-26 15.59.06 2016-03-26 15.57.59

I hope this works for other people facing the same battle.

As always, much love from our home to yours.

Steph, Matt, Sam, and Liz.