San Antonio Trip

Last week was Spring Break.  One thing I am so proud of is how far my children have come in the past few years.  We spent four nights in a hotel.  There was not one argument, and not one time they actually misbehaved.  There were a few moody moments, but we all have those.

This would not have been how vacation went any year before now.  I think it is just that we all love, respect, and like each other.  We do not have any issues with behavior at home, except for the morning attitude I get from the boys before school.  There seems to be no sibling rivalry, and no one has meltdowns anymore.

You guys have no idea how big this is since 4 years ago, when my life almost ended and I was so sick, we had meltdowns all day every day.  The boys were violent against themselves and each other.  These were not tantrums, as most people now call the fits their neuro-typical child has meltdowns, these were full blown Autism Meltdowns.  Things were thrown and broken.  Holes were in the walls.  I had to physically hold and rock my kids to keep them from hitting themselves and anyone around them.

We have come a long way.

Here are our San Antonio pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

2016-03-15 11.18.16  2016-03-15 11.18.21  2016-03-15 11.19.50  2016-03-15 11.55.58

2016-03-15 12.04.49  2016-03-15 12.06.07

2016-03-15 12.06.11  2016-03-15 12.07.47

2016-03-15 12.07.50  2016-03-15 12.08.08  2016-03-15 12.09.51  2016-03-15 12.10.41

2016-03-15 12.23.44  2016-03-15 12.24.15  2016-03-15 12.24.49  2016-03-15 14.33.39  2016-03-15 14.35.22  2016-03-15 14.39.21  2016-03-15 14.40.16  2016-03-15 14.40.35

2016-03-15 14.48.43  2016-03-15 14.48.47  2016-03-15 14.48.49  2016-03-15 14.49.34

2016-03-15 14.49.38  2016-03-15 14.49.44

2016-03-15 14.49.46

Coming up:

Restaurant reviews, camps, museum review, an amazing friendly town by Austin, San Marcos Glass Bottom Boats, a hotel, and much more.

Thank you again for reading.  From our fam to yours.