Kent Black’s BBQ San Marcos

2016-03-14 20.56.19

Like a good number of Texans, I love BBQ.  I love everything about it, the smell, the taste, the entire experience, if it is done correctly.

Kent Black’s BBQ is a kind of unique place.  We walked in to be greeted by a woman who asked if we had ever eaten there before, and gave a brief explanation when we said we hadn’t.  She was very friendly, and the people behind us were very patient.

Everyone gets a tray and it has some sort of parchment paper on the bottom.  There are two buffet style tables of sides including German potato salad and two types of cole slaw, a bacon and cabbage side, desserts, the things you get at BBQ places.  One pint of sides is $5.50 and a single serving is $1.99.  We got the beans and German potato salad.

The meat menu is pretty extensive, but they do not have ham.  That was kind of what Lizzie wanted, although she did end up ordering and eating the turkey.

I did not try everything.  I am still trying not to eat red meat, and it is hard.  What I did try was the turkey, the jalapino and cheese sausage, and the chicken.  All I can really say is it was excellent.  The kids loved it, the grand dad loved it, we all loved it.  I am not the biggest fan of meat, and I could not get enough.

If you are ever in San Marcos and in need of some BBQ, this would be the place to go.  Friendly, clean, and definitely worth the trip.