Three Week Weightloss Update.

I have to admit that this week was very hard.  I was not only tempted to blow the lifestyle, but I actually blew it.  I am still continuing to blow it.

The entire situation is frustrating.  I like junk food.  My kids eat junk food.  I am not wanting to be that weird helicopter mom who flies by to rescue the children from the deep depths of darkness inside a snickers bar or a chocolate shake, but I also have the issue of continually saving myself.  The battle is up hill.

I am all for healthy eating.  I am also all for giving into childhood happiness and letting them know it is perfectly okay to have that milk shake or snickers bar.  You are only young once.

Well, in spite of all that, I have my measurements again.

Here we go.

I have lost half an inch in my wrist.  My upper arm I have also lost half.  My chest, an inch and a half.  Waist, four inches still.  Hips are a whole three inches smaller.  My thighs are an inch and a half smaller.  I also lost an inch in my calves and ankles.

These measurements are awesome, and I feel better on the days and the days after I do not cheat.  It is hard, but I feel as if I am doing it.  Gradually.