A Different Kind of Easter Egg

2016-03-08 00.37.57

Here in the Conroy home, we love decorating Easter Eggs.  We have been known to do random decorating in July just because Lizzie asked to.  Like I have said, we do try to keep things fun.

Now, we have tried many types of keepsake eggs over the past few years.  I am really enjoying doing the eggs this way.  We just blow out the egg, decorate it, and there is our keepsake.

This year, I went with regular tissue paper for gift bags and Mod Podge.  After you blow and dry the egg, you apply Mod Podge and the paper, cut into any shape you like.   Then, all you have to do is let it dry again.

The sparkly egg was just a brown egg I blew out and glued on star confetti with Mod Podge.

It is pretty easy to do all of these.  I would not recommend the multi-colored one.  That was done with nail polish.  Not only does it stink, it makes a mess.

Here is a tutorial for that one:


Here is the one explaining the eggs with paper.  Below that are the other ideas from last year:

I hope I gave you a few ideas.  Eggs don’t have to be dye and crayon.  Sometimes, it is just fun to make something we can keep until we drop it.

Happy Easter, from our home to yours.