In the Kitchen with Matt and Sam


I love when my boys get creative.  I love their imaginations, I love their art, I love all of it.  My favorite is their creativity in the kitchen.

I have never been one to shy away from letting my kids express themselves in any type of art, and in many ways cooking is art.  Gage was making full three course meals at 12 that we always wanted to encourage, so I do the same with Matt and Sam.

The thing is, they are good.

Matt and Sam have some sensory issues, so it can be pretty spicy at times, but they over  all make really good and simple foods.

It is nothing extravagant like Gage, just healthy and simple.

One we seem to do a lot is Matt’s idea.  Frozen veggies, or fresh, and chicken.  He just adds crushed red pepper and some other seasonings he keeps secret to spice it up.

Here is what he used:

Birds eye


And they baked it covered at 350 for about an hour, since they were still frozen, then with the cover off at 450 until the chicken was brown.  It was really good.

Anyway, that is cooking with Matt and Sam.