What Did Ever Happen to Predictability?


I admit it.  I did jump on the band wagon.  It was a momentary jump, a small one, but I did watch the pilot episode for Fuller House.  There was the predictable, the corny, and the flat out eerily familiar.

I was never really a Full House fan.  I think I didn’t really relate to the whole idea of a perfectly broken then re-extended family.  I never found it funny, either.  The new show was exactly the old, in reverse.  DJ was the single parent this time, and DJ was the one who needed help.  It was predictable all the way.  That is what I think I liked about it.

All day long, we are drawn into stories of immorality and ugliness, the media is a definite hate machine.  Our society has become materialistic and shallow, and our entertainment either mirrors that or we mirror entertainment.  In a world where music now is self-praise and self-promotion, curse words and sexualization, it was nice to see a show about a family again.  It was nicer that it was something I would not mind my children watching.  Yes, it has a Brady Bunch like appeal.  It is nothing like reality, and maybe that is kind of the point.  Maybe people need an escapism into something that just makes you feel good, regardless if it seems realistic or not.

Maybe we are tired of people and their self-promotion.  Maybe we want to see people with morals, and family ties. Maybe we should bring back Family Ties.  Either way, as much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed it.