China One in Corsicana and Lizzie’s 9th Birthday Dinner

I always let the kids choose their favorite place to eat on birthdays and special occasions.  This usually leaves much to be desired on my part, being an adult, and having tastes that go beyond macaroni and cheese and pepperoni pizza. Without fail, Lizzie chooses China One.  Without fail, it is mediocre food, and down right poor service.

You do not expect much from a buffet.  The few things I do expect kind of always have fallen short, such as lukewarm food and maybe a little friendliness.  It never happens, but when the kids are happy, you grin and bear it.  I ask numerous times, “What about Summer Palace?” The food is good, and the owner is friendly.

I had a plate of food.  It was cold.  I was eating as the kids talked about their day and what is fun and who is bad at school, and I felt something very hard in my mouth, with the distinct taste of plastic.  I know what plastic tastes like.  I am not a novice to textures and taste, it is not a foreign concept.  Nor is the inside of a crab leg.  These are two very different textures and tastes, and I am not an idiot, contrary to the belief of those who think I have not lived 41 years with an ability to acquire such knowledge.

I took the offensive material out of my mouth and thought about it.  I then tasted it AGAIN, between my teeth, and yes, it tasted like plastic.  So, I tell the owner.  She looks at my plate and takes it and says it is part of a crab leg, from food that was in an unrelated part of my plate, the two foods never came in contact with one another.  It was plastic.

It is not that I wanted anything other than acknowledgement that, yes, this was not at all acceptable, nor was the poor service, nor was the sub-standard food.  Instead, I get treated as if I was incapable of knowing the difference.

Well, it is not as if I frequent the place anyway, but that is my opinion and review, based on a compilation of built up experiences and frustrations with bad service and bad ownership of businesses in this town.  I am fed up.  And, I am hungry.

Anyway, she took away my little piece of plastic, so there really is no way to ever know what, exactly, it was.

I should really have had a Snickers, lol.