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Dick’s Classic Garage, San Marcos, Texas

2016-03-18 11.45.34

If you are a fan of classic cars and are in the San Marcos area, check out Dick’s Classic Garage. They store, and have stored, vehicles and nostalgia from 1900-1950’s.  Of all the places we went on Spring Break, this was the favorite of the kids.

I took a lot of pictures, but I regret that I did not get makes and models.

Here is a sample of what they have

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Casa Rio, San Antonio River Walk

2016-03-15 13.16.18

Part of the fun of the river walk in San Antonio is definitely the food.  I know a lot of people think Mi Tierra is the place to go when you are in San Antonio, but my preference is definitely Casa Rio.

Casa Rio is definitely not the flashiest Mexican food restaurant on the river walk.  It was, however, the first one to open its doors to the river in 1946, so it did help form the Riverwalk as it is today.

The most important thing in a Mexican food restaurant is good salsa.  The salsa was so fresh, so good, and pretty simple.  It was not too spicy, there was not too much cilantro.  It was perfect and not overly onion-y.

2016-03-15 13.40.50

I ordered a taco salad with fajita meat.  This is what I got.  I never order taco salads, but I wasn’t wanting to eat enchiladas and walk around with that full of a stomach, but I did not expect this.  The bottom layers were Spanish Rice and refied beans.  Then there was the lettuce, tomato, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream, topped with steak.  It was hands down the best salad of any type I had ever eaten.

I also had a tamale al la carte.  It was perfect, not too small, and not all cornmeal.

As far as everyone else went, they loved the food, as well.

2016-03-15 13.40.57-2

Matt had Fajita nachos.

2016-03-15 13.40.55

Liz had the bean and cheese.  There is my tamale

2016-03-15 13.40.53

My dad had green chicken enchiladas.

2016-03-15 13.40.52

Sam had queso with chile con carne.  Of course, I tried them, and the flavor took me back to my childhood, when you could find really good Mexican food at any Mexican food restaurant in Texas.  Nowadays, that just is not so.

This was definitely a highlight of San Antonio.  I do not think we had any complaints.  We had about a 40 minute wait for a table, and we had excellent service with our waiter, Zappo.  I would definitely say it is worth stopping for.

2016-03-15 13.01.18

This is the picture Lizzie took of the outside as we waited.  It really doesn’t give you much of an idea of the outward appearance, but the address is:

Casa Rio
430 East Commerce St.
San Antonio, Tx 78205

Thank you again for stopping by the blog.

Much love,
Steph, Matt, Sam, and Lizzie.

The Homeschool Dilemma Starts Again….

Last time I homeschooled, the children loved it.  It was easy and disorganized.  It was sloppy and half way into the school year.

I chose Easy Peasey, because it is easy.  It really is not a good way to go, in my opinion, unless you just want your kids busy a couple of hours and then release them out into your little homeschool world of boredom and redundancy, as it may be.  My kids loved that, and I hated the whole rhetoric about what everyone should do for the rest of their days.

Homeschool is great.  We have a large community of homeschoolers in this county, and they are very tightly knit.  I have not met one family who did not have brilliant children, and I did not meet a single child that was not exceedingly bright and well mannered.  If you do not know our homeschool community, you should.

The great thing that is happening in homeschooling that makes it easier for a parent like myself is virtual academies.  There are pros and cons, as there are to everything.

A lot of homeschoolers like to have the freedom to teach when and as they wish.  This is a major luxury you lose when you join an academy, an academy is still a public school.  Then, we have the religious homeschoolers.  They usually buy the religious curriculum, and that is what they choose to use and teach.  The biggest factor that I find of greatest importance is the lack of government influence on students outside of a public school.  I do not like the testing mentality.  I am not sure how memorizing an aptitude test is actual learning, and I am not sure how imposing these ridiculous rules of everyone having to include and invite everyone else to everything, and the whole uniform thing.  If I start on this part, I may never finish.

I flat out oppose the government having so much say in the raising of our children.  They are raised in institutions from birth, daycares, schools, institutions, and who is teaching the child?  Not the parent.  I am against that.

All of that being said, there is still the socialization issue.  It is funny how this is the issue that comes up from parents who never see their children, and probably do not know them on a truly personal level.  Our kids socialize every day.  They socialize whether or not they would like to be alone, they are losing individuality.  Yes, we socialize our children.  We take our children to the stores, to eat, everywhere we go, all the time.  They do not exist in a bubble.

I have a lot to consider, but I do not think recycling parasites is a way for my children to exist.  There is a better way, and I hope to find it.


Essential oils, Bugs, and the Cluster Headache

2016-03-24 17.57.26

What a past few weeks we have had!  Vacation was amazing.  The kids had a blast, I had a blast, dad had a blast.  We pretty much had the perfect vacation, but it did start out with an itch.

I saw her scratching Friday, after school.  I checked her head, and I decided it was probably dandruff and used some Tar Gel.  The itching seemed to stop, and we went on our way.

2016-03-26 15.53.44

I am not sure what day I finally found a bug, but the child had a single louse I found.  So, I resorted to the fine-tooth comb and Nix.  It seemed to help for that night, and the next day, I was back to using Rid X.  I had no idea about the super strain of lice.  This led to internet searches of home remedies.  Let me start by saying, NO, Listerine does not kill lice.  Tea tree oil conditioner does not work.  What finally worked was the Extra Strength Denorex left on the scalp for 15 minutes, then fine tooth combing, followed by Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment by Hollywood Beauty.  Now, this has not been inexpensive, and I have incorporated several essential oils into the mix, all the while hoping for a way out of the cycle.  I used chamomile, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender as sprays mixed in water bottles.

As if the whole expensive routine in itself was not enough, on Thursday I call the school to inform them that Elizabeth has lice and has returned home every day with them and that is why she missed school.  The response I got from the school nurse was that lice are no reason to miss school.  So this entire uphill battle with sprays and shampoos and essential oils, all of it, was really for nothing but momentary relief.  The school says they can go to school with lice, and we have to continue to send our children out to mingle with the kids whose parents do not care, nor do they treat the lice.  So, by the end of the battle, I had the worst cluster headache I have ever had.  The good news is in this quest to find relief, I have found that the essential oils in the opening picture have provided minimal relief, and any relief is good.  The end result was the same. I still went to the E.R. for a shot and I still have a slight migraine.

As far as the bugs go, I think it is extremely irresponsible, regardless of what the CDC says, for a lice epidemic to be released on the children of the school like it is absolutely nothing.  It is a huge expense for those of us who are left battling it, and the lice are resistant, so the cycle continues, and I am telling my daughter do not touch or hug any other children.  How backwards is that?

And, no, I will not send my child with lice.  I would rather withdraw and homeschool again.

For those of you in this battle, this is what I found to work.

2016-03-26 15.59.06 2016-03-26 15.57.59

I hope this works for other people facing the same battle.

As always, much love from our home to yours.

Steph, Matt, Sam, and Liz.


San Antonio Trip

Last week was Spring Break.  One thing I am so proud of is how far my children have come in the past few years.  We spent four nights in a hotel.  There was not one argument, and not one time they actually misbehaved.  There were a few moody moments, but we all have those.

This would not have been how vacation went any year before now.  I think it is just that we all love, respect, and like each other.  We do not have any issues with behavior at home, except for the morning attitude I get from the boys before school.  There seems to be no sibling rivalry, and no one has meltdowns anymore.

You guys have no idea how big this is since 4 years ago, when my life almost ended and I was so sick, we had meltdowns all day every day.  The boys were violent against themselves and each other.  These were not tantrums, as most people now call the fits their neuro-typical child has meltdowns, these were full blown Autism Meltdowns.  Things were thrown and broken.  Holes were in the walls.  I had to physically hold and rock my kids to keep them from hitting themselves and anyone around them.

We have come a long way.

Here are our San Antonio pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

2016-03-15 11.18.16  2016-03-15 11.18.21  2016-03-15 11.19.50  2016-03-15 11.55.58

2016-03-15 12.04.49  2016-03-15 12.06.07

2016-03-15 12.06.11  2016-03-15 12.07.47

2016-03-15 12.07.50  2016-03-15 12.08.08  2016-03-15 12.09.51  2016-03-15 12.10.41

2016-03-15 12.23.44  2016-03-15 12.24.15  2016-03-15 12.24.49  2016-03-15 14.33.39  2016-03-15 14.35.22  2016-03-15 14.39.21  2016-03-15 14.40.16  2016-03-15 14.40.35

2016-03-15 14.48.43  2016-03-15 14.48.47  2016-03-15 14.48.49  2016-03-15 14.49.34

2016-03-15 14.49.38  2016-03-15 14.49.44

2016-03-15 14.49.46

Coming up:

Restaurant reviews, camps, museum review, an amazing friendly town by Austin, San Marcos Glass Bottom Boats, a hotel, and much more.

Thank you again for reading.  From our fam to yours.

Kent Black’s BBQ San Marcos

2016-03-14 20.56.19

Like a good number of Texans, I love BBQ.  I love everything about it, the smell, the taste, the entire experience, if it is done correctly.

Kent Black’s BBQ is a kind of unique place.  We walked in to be greeted by a woman who asked if we had ever eaten there before, and gave a brief explanation when we said we hadn’t.  She was very friendly, and the people behind us were very patient.

Everyone gets a tray and it has some sort of parchment paper on the bottom.  There are two buffet style tables of sides including German potato salad and two types of cole slaw, a bacon and cabbage side, desserts, the things you get at BBQ places.  One pint of sides is $5.50 and a single serving is $1.99.  We got the beans and German potato salad.

The meat menu is pretty extensive, but they do not have ham.  That was kind of what Lizzie wanted, although she did end up ordering and eating the turkey.

I did not try everything.  I am still trying not to eat red meat, and it is hard.  What I did try was the turkey, the jalapino and cheese sausage, and the chicken.  All I can really say is it was excellent.  The kids loved it, the grand dad loved it, we all loved it.  I am not the biggest fan of meat, and I could not get enough.

If you are ever in San Marcos and in need of some BBQ, this would be the place to go.  Friendly, clean, and definitely worth the trip.

Spring Break

This is spring break.  I think we have hit every museum and land mark in this part of Texas, so, this week we will be away to Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio.  I am not sure I will have time to blog, but there will be a lot to talk about when we get back.  I am thinking we will hit the capitol and the Alamo,  and a few other places the kids should really see.  There are so many things to choose from, so we will have to post it after we do it.

As for what else is coming up, I just found a few more ideas for decorating eggs I am planning on squeezing in here.  I will also tell you all about our experiences with hotels and eateries, and whatever adventures we decide to delve into.  I also have a few recipes that are must tries for homemade breads and desserts.  I am excited about those, as well.

In other words, there is a lot coming up.

I wanted to say thank you again for all of your support.  The website is doing better than I ever believed it would.  We appreciate you guys.  One change I have made is I have enabled comments again.  I am hoping not to get the spam I did before, that is what made me stop. Something to keep in mind that clicks are how we get paid, so click on an ad if you see anything you like.

Much love.

Steph, Matt, Sam, and Liz

We Are Back Up and Running

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.  What I do know is this site is on WordPress.  The host is HostGator.  The domain name came from NameCheap.  So, when it was time to renew my name, I switched to NameCheap for the host, accidentally, and they fixed it back how it was. Thank goodness they did, I have no idea what I am doing.

I am always kind of basically winging it and talking about our every day life, so if anyone has any ideas, hit me up on Twitter or my email, facebook or YouTube.  I am always somewhere online.

What is coming up:

I have more product reviews.  We are going on Spring Break.  We have recipes and we have just the life of four people, two with Autism, and the people who come in and out.  We will also be starting the Haunted Blog/Vlog with my good friend, Robin.  We have a lot to look forward to. I still have no idea what I am doing, but come along with us anyway.  We love having you here.

You make us smile, your support and kindness.

You are appreciated.

Thank you,

Steph, Sam, Matt, and Liz.

A Different Kind of Easter Egg

2016-03-08 00.37.57

Here in the Conroy home, we love decorating Easter Eggs.  We have been known to do random decorating in July just because Lizzie asked to.  Like I have said, we do try to keep things fun.

Now, we have tried many types of keepsake eggs over the past few years.  I am really enjoying doing the eggs this way.  We just blow out the egg, decorate it, and there is our keepsake.

This year, I went with regular tissue paper for gift bags and Mod Podge.  After you blow and dry the egg, you apply Mod Podge and the paper, cut into any shape you like.   Then, all you have to do is let it dry again.

The sparkly egg was just a brown egg I blew out and glued on star confetti with Mod Podge.

It is pretty easy to do all of these.  I would not recommend the multi-colored one.  That was done with nail polish.  Not only does it stink, it makes a mess.

Here is a tutorial for that one:


Here is the one explaining the eggs with paper.  Below that are the other ideas from last year:

I hope I gave you a few ideas.  Eggs don’t have to be dye and crayon.  Sometimes, it is just fun to make something we can keep until we drop it.

Happy Easter, from our home to yours.

Three Week Weightloss Update.

I have to admit that this week was very hard.  I was not only tempted to blow the lifestyle, but I actually blew it.  I am still continuing to blow it.

The entire situation is frustrating.  I like junk food.  My kids eat junk food.  I am not wanting to be that weird helicopter mom who flies by to rescue the children from the deep depths of darkness inside a snickers bar or a chocolate shake, but I also have the issue of continually saving myself.  The battle is up hill.

I am all for healthy eating.  I am also all for giving into childhood happiness and letting them know it is perfectly okay to have that milk shake or snickers bar.  You are only young once.

Well, in spite of all that, I have my measurements again.

Here we go.

I have lost half an inch in my wrist.  My upper arm I have also lost half.  My chest, an inch and a half.  Waist, four inches still.  Hips are a whole three inches smaller.  My thighs are an inch and a half smaller.  I also lost an inch in my calves and ankles.

These measurements are awesome, and I feel better on the days and the days after I do not cheat.  It is hard, but I feel as if I am doing it.  Gradually.