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Does it Matter What Cheryl Tiegs Thinks of Ashley Graham and SI?

For years… decades… lifetimes…. females are bombarded with images of what they should look like and dress like and be like.   Models are thrown in our faces, often times airbrushed beyond the reality of what even they actually look like.  On one hand, if models were ordinary, what would be the point?  On the other, no matter how much Maybelline I buy, I will never look like Christie Turlington.


I have come to terms with this reality, as has much of society.  I have accepted myself as good enough at most points in my life, though not particularly head turning or track stopping in the way of beauty standards.  In my twenties, I was often tan, I was always thin, and I did have that perfect body.  I know because I measured it.  I worked it out.  I dieted.  I made that body.  What I found was there was never a lack of men talking to me.  What I also found is in my shallowness, they often did not stick around.

In my thirties, I had twins and I did gain weight.  I was still smaller than Ashley Graham, and I was not tanned, toned, working out, or particularly pretty.  I was very devoted during most of my 30’s to my family, but I still found there was never a lack of men talking to me.  I also found in my growth as a human being, there was definitely more of an interest in me.

In my 40’s, I gained a lot of weight after a surgery from a botched hysterectomy I had in my late 30’s.  I find, still, that it really does not matter about size at all.  It really is about connections and growth and all of those things, and the image of something or someone is just an image.

So, for Cheryl Teigs, yes, that is what made her.  That is what defined her.  She was always just a body and face.  I can understand how she thinks that image that made her a career and a life is something she holds up to a certain standard.  But, maybe the rest of us have moved beyond that.  Ashley Graham truly is beautiful.  She is beautiful not only because of her looks, but her confidence and her personality.  Times have changed, and as times change, so do perceptions of beauty.  Maybe it is time that we accept that the standard of beauty that was thrown at us for so long is not only not achievable for most people, but maybe not even so much desired as it once was.

So, does it matter what Cheryl Teigs thinks of Ashley Graham on the cover or SI?  I think if it does, it only does to show how far we really have come.


My Bag From Moncrief Cancer Institute

As part of Moncrief’s Survivorship program, I received a bag of goodies and information.

2016-02-07 17.50.31

2016-02-07 17.50.50

2016-02-07 17.51.09

2016-02-07 17.51.33

I still do have a lot of reading to do, and I have this plan they made for my diet where I have to put in a lot more water (I hate water) by infusing fruit in it so I will at least drink a little.  I think I am on a better track.  I have lost 4 lbs. this week, which is a good start.

I will be reading and I will also be posting on the weightloss and exercise as I do it, as I will also be doing on YouTube.

I just know I am tired of feeling poorly.  I have to change that.  So, I am.

The Phone Call (Biopsy Results)



It seems we are always waiting.

Maybe it has been said too many times before, and maybe I never completely grasped the reality of the amount of time I would spend in an altered state of self-inflicted fantasy of what could be in the suspended moment a question is put out out and remains unanswered.  The wait is uncomfortable, because in the wait, we create the worst scenarios and play them in a loop inside our minds.  We think of the news, how we will take it, and then we check the phone.  We do this knowing it hasn’t rang.

The test wasn’t so bad.  I arrived in the waiting room an hour early for blood tests.  The endless chatter of soaps and morning talk shows echoed through the waiting room, and finally, my name was called.

I put on my gown and I waited.

The biopsy was not so bad, either.  As I was waiting, the procedure was explained to me, in detail, as well the tools.  The doctor arrived a while later, and lidocaine was injected into my first breast.  A large needle was inserted and a device was put inside of that needle, and they put that into the actual spot they saw on the ultrasound.  I did not really feel much, I heard a snapping sound and they extracted what they had just clamped on and cut off.  Then they did the next breast, and I waited for the mammogram.

After that, I went home and waited for the phone call.

I missed the phone call.

So, I waited for the return.

As I waited, and I made scenarios, not one was of a positive outcome.

Then, the phone call came.

Everything was benign.

This is the best news ever.

The thing is, it is now time to stop waiting.

So I am.


What the biopsy looked like:


L’Oreal 2 Week Revitalift Continued Review


I received L’Oreal Revitalift products for free through Influenster to review two weeks back.

My main concerns were my “11’s” as my problem area between my eyes, and the fact that I am so acne prone.

The before picture:


As you can see, I do have a few problem areas.

The after picture shows, at the least, a smoother skin.


I will be using this product, for sure, after the review is over.  It does help with the lines, the under eyes, the other problems that come with age.  I have also been through a tremendous amount of stress these past few weeks, and I really did not expect any products to aid in my battle against the “11’s.”

Thank you, again, to Influenster and L’Oreal for the products to review.