How to Make a Captured Bead Chain Maille


You will need:
Jewelry pliers
10 mm 18 gauge open jump rings
Small jump rings
8 mm round beads


I love the look of a Captured Bead Chain Maille.  I think it has a very unique and beautiful look to it, and it goes well with any outfit.

You start off with a very small jump ring, opened.  The fit needs to be pretty snug, so you do not lose the starting bead.


Then you put two of the 10 mm jump rings inside of the small jump ring, and you close it off.


You then put two jump rings through those and have the new jump rings on the top, the little one on the bottom.  What you have now is the beginning of a chain.


With the small ring on the bottom, place a bead in the center of the four rings, and now you have a your first captured bead.


Above that bead, hook the top two rings with two more rings.  Close those off.


Place two more 10 mm jump rings through the top of the rings you just closed.  This is, again, your chain.

12540636_10153869582652430_1739412976408735111_n (1)

Open the chain and insert a bead.


Close it off with two jump rings.


This is the point where you can take this in whatever direction you wish to take it.  I am going to make an earring and then be done, but you can make a necklace, a bracelet, anything you want.

So, what i will now do it take another small jump ring and close off the two top rings.


And last, I am going to make it into an earring.


If you have any questions, or suggestions, I am easy to find.  I am @stephie_lark on Twitter and Instagram.  Oh, and I have a few of these that I have made that I will sell for 20 or earrings for 10, if anyone is interested.  🙂