Monthly Archives: December 2015

What is New in Our Little Family Right Now



New things are going on in my life right now.  I have not blogged or vlogged since October.  I am hoping to do a lot more again in the coming year, it is not a resolution, I just feel I will have more to talk about.

Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve.  A few YouTubers and I will be hosting a google hangout to entertain whoever wants to listen in, and we have a lot of activities planned for the night.  The YouTube community is so amazingly supportive, and that is why it really works for so many people.  I will be sharing the link for that hangout basically all over the internet tomorrow, sometime during the day.

I am launching a new channel where we will talk about paranormal activities with a good friend of mine, Robin, ASAP.  In addition to this channel, Sam’s Voice will also be coming into its own this year, and Matt and Sam will be launching their own projects.  This is very exciting for me, and them.

As far as this blog goes, I have already changed the look of it.  I am having issues with the ads.  What I want to remind people of is those ads are how I get paid.  If you click on an ad, that is how I make money on the blog.  Don’t be afraid to click a link.

As far as direction, so far this blog has written itself.  I had someone in my life who was against, very vocally, all of my social media for a little while and I got a little bit down and stopped.  I realized you should really just stop listening to people and do what you want to do.  This is what I want to do.  No one will stop me but me, not this time.

I have had inquiries about my health.  Yes, I do have a lump in my right breast.  Yes, I did have symptoms of something being wrong.  Yes, I have gone to the Moncrief mobile cancer unit that comes to Corsicana.  I am waiting on a diagnostic mammogram to be scheduled.  I thought I would be receiving a call on Monday, but it will be after the holidays.  I appreciate all of the prayers and good vibes.  I appreciate the love and support.

I am back for good, regardless of who comes in and out of my life.  I will continue to run my blog and channel as I wish, and I will continue to tell the story of Matt and Sam and our little family.  That is the one thing I am sure of.

The rest is in the air.